Spring 2019 calls for Moccasins! About this argument I’ll suggest you some of the most glamorous new trends about Moccasins. It’s two years I have an obsession for loafers, a kind of shoes born purely for men. Surely my obsession results from my preference for sober, simple, linear, androgynous and male fashion that orients my outfits and stylistic choices towards this vision.

credit photo Antonella Fabrizio – Tod’s Property Store

Penny Loafers. Thirties until today: brief history of fashion

I like to think about the origins of this beautiful accessory, which was born exclusively as a male model and its undergoes a profound and symptomatic evolution in form and style, dictated by the past historical ages. At the beginning these kind of shoes was hindered by fashion critic because they were considered similar to slippers, and their use was strongly discouraged to not look sloppy and agée; the moccasins as we actually know them today entered in a disruptive way in the thirties, with the name of Weejun Loafer. “Weejun” is the abbreviation of “norwegian” (the first forms of loafers are inspired by those of the Norwegian milk milkiners.) And “loafer”, in English, means “slacker”. They become a comfortable accessory to wear with informal clothing thanks to university students of the time. This is the period, in the USA, the moccasin is renamed with the name of “penny loafer”: this is because the university students had the habit of introducing a penny inside the lip-shaped mask.

corey motta 487621 unsplash Photo by Corey Motta on Unsplash

Moccasins 2019: From informal shoe to symbol of elegance

From informal footwear moccasins become symbol of elegance, In the Eighties moccasin return popular thanks to revival of American casual style in the middle of twentieth century. In spite of this, contemporary American designers continue to customize and reinterpret several new models of moccasins. Over time and fashions penny loafers becomes a combination of elegance and comfort.  

man carro positano
Moccasins Carro Positano

Back to us, as I told you, recently I developed a surreal and vain “moccasin syndrome” such as to roam in store after store, brand after brand in order to find the right one with a tapered and refined shape, improving the foot (where possible!). Looking latest new models for Spring/Summer 2019 I realised that really modern and trendy moccasins are very few. 

Moccasins Tod’s 2019

Moccasin 2019: tips on how to wear it

First point: it’s not easy to wear them. If you are not high and thin enough the result will  be not so exciting. Slim, slender legs joined to a confident and casual bearing in harmony with the pure and modern design of these shoes, are the winning prerequisites to be able to fit them in line with the underlying style philosophy. If the elements above are missing, I am sorry to admit it but the moccasin is not for you (and me!). I admit that I have only a part of requirements above mentioned but this did not make me move away from my habit.


Moccasins: The most glamorous new models for Spring Summer 2019

Colorful, animalier, fluo, jeans, with pattern and little stars: the models of Spring Summer 2019 are very glamorous and cool; Gucci, Tod’s, Car Shoe but also brands less known as Carro Positano, Frau, have in common vivacity and creativity. The colours are luminous and contemporary at the same time: different shades going from brown to vivid pink, from lemon yellow to violet, emphasizing elegance and beauty.  

Tpd’s Moccasin 2019
505281 D3V00 9022 004 095 0000 Light Mocassino Gucci Jordaan ricamato in pelle
Gucci Moccasins 2019

Essentially today the moccasin becomes more than a secondary element to the dress, an element of character and often the protagonist that inspires the outfit depending on the context in which you are. It is a distinctive element of a social status based on personality, on own mood of style today more than ever. And full of comfort I add!